Thursday, January 17, 2013


Dear Internets,

It’s Natalie here from Sydney blog Lucy and the Runaways. I’ll be taking over this space while my lovely friend Pixelhazard is on holidays. I hope she has fun, yet I am thinking that she will be more excited about the crazy lovable outfits she will be wearing and not about the actual holiday itself.

As I think about all the holiday outfits PixelHazard will be planning soon, I find myself reflecting over my own style. I like to think of myself as a ‘yes’ person in life, meaning I will try anything at least once (except to skydive and bungee jump – I’m a ‘yes’ person but I’m also a rational and down to earth person too) and mold that ‘yes’ attitude into my own style.

In my personal life, I say ‘yes’ to random event invites by friends just to experience new things and broaden my mind (art galleries full of skulls, creating sidewalk chalk drawings and posing as a computer developer for a free lunch can be noted). When my mom suggested three years ago to spend a month in Cambodia, I quit my job 3 months later and traveled with her. I extended my trip to visit France for a further two months. I held a glow-in-the-dark birthday party this year. When my hairdresser friend suggested I might look good in short hair, I said yes and let her hack my long hair into a beautiful short bob. My hair has been red, purple, platinum blonde, ash green, pink and chocolate browns. I own over 30 lipsticks ranging from green, pale pinks, black and oranges. I try to live a full life.

I use this attitude towards my own personal style, keeping it feminine (because I’m a romantic at heart and like to dress like I’m in a rom-com) and edgy (because I’m a ‘yes’ person living my life as freely as possible).

And this attitude and free life is how the concept of Lucy and The Runaways come about. It’s based on the romantic notion of escape and running away from my dull and boring life. I use photography and the scenery around me to help portray this attitude to my readers. Hope you visit my blog sometime and read up on some of my Runaway adventures 

 ♥ Natalie

Monday, January 14, 2013


Dear Internets,

Denim rose embroidered thirts, cut off shorts and sparkly jellies long dotted my childhood but never had I thought they'd make a reminiscent resurgence? The stiletto wearers amongst you might question my sanity and probably scoffed when I gave the clear pair a trial run over here. Take a seat then because since then I got a blak pair an pink from their newest neon range.

They are my go to shoes for a quick errand out of the house and sheer perfection for the current climate and beach holidaying. 3 pairs i'm certain is evidence enough but I must admit, I may fall prey to the sparkly pair that has just come out. At $30 a pop and made unisex for kids and adults my 4 year old nephew has already remarked that he likes mine and wants his own pair in "tranformer bumble bee yellow". Looks like I might have some hand in his own jelly sandals memories so why not extent that to you too. Here are some of the behind the scenes pics from their latest campaign shoot for Jelly beans footwear

Time to give those arches a break girls and boys.Get your jellies on!

♥ pixelhazard
thinks it's peanut butter jelly time

Friday, January 11, 2013


Dear Internets,

If you've been us on our Instagram feed, you might already know some of the team have been off galavating overseas. There's a lot of exciting new posts to come from this but in the mean time, here's a little peek of where our adventures have taken us.

The toy stalls near the waterfalls of Kerela, India

Left to right : pixelhazard & sarahteaa in Chennai

Waterfalls of Kochi

The best tea is in India. No wonder they drink it about 6 times a day

Garlands of jasmine flowers braided into Sarahteaa's hair

Sarahteaa with flowers in her hair wearing Topshop tee & chillin in Chennai silks

Kerela backwaters

♥ pixelhazard