Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Dear Internets,

There's a certain appeal to IKEA that I just can't describe. It makes you endure the crowd, eat the meatballs and play make believe..There's just one thing...

Don't you hate it when youin IKEA and you're trying to take a shower and people keep opening the curtain?

And don't you just hate it when your in your bedroom presenting carrots on your imaginary food program when people start taking photos of you?

And don't you just hate it when you're trying to tie an innocent girl to the traintracks and people mull around noisily behind you?


♥ pixelhazard
waiting for the mail


devishanty said...

hahahaha i don't have ikea here but there's a similar store and i love playing around there too :D

daisychain said...

Dude, I think we need to hang out in an IKEA pronto!

Sydney said...

Wow that's my LIFE. Oh IKEA. You bring out the good, the bad, and the ugly in us all.

Melanie Alexandra said...

Hahaha, I've only been to Ikea once and I know the appeal. I could stay there for hours. They even feed you! They make it so that you can stay all day!!


Diana Mieczan said...

Hahha..those are such a great photos:) Kisses, sweetie

tsardust said...

OMG is the shower picture taken in the ridiculously tiny shower that Ikea have in one of their demo rooms? That shower is hilarious. I tried to emulate the "shaving legs motion" and ended up with the side of my face pressed against one wall, butt against the other whilst blindly enacting the shaving action. My friend, who is a fairly big guy, could enter the shower, however his head touched the showerhead and he couldn't turn around or move his arms.

tl;dr Ikea thinks we all have showers for midgets in our homes.