Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Dear Internets,

There's a lovely bright spark over at See Hear Say that has a very difficult to pronounce last name and a sweet idea to make your March more exciting. You can check out her post over here but the jist of it is do something new every day of march. I'm particularly excited because my birthday is in March and I might have to reserve something a little special for that one. Your something new can be as easy to pie...tasting a new flavour of pie, doing yoga in the morning, leave early and take the scenic route somewhere, ride a bike to the shops? The possibilities are exciting and endless !

Would you like to join in?

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♥ pixelhazard
excited by the ideas


MosaMuse said...

i love this challenge... imma join in!

Diana Mieczan said...

Sounds super cool. Im going to check it out right now:) Muah, sweetie.

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

nice! xx

steph said...

What an awesome idea!!

drollgirl said...

oooooh, i would love to join in! going to ck it out now!

Hello Naka said...

this sounds really fun :)

See Hear Say said...

thanks for reposting about this :) hope you're enjoying the challenge, looking forward to see your updates on this!

krystin. said...

Great idea!

- xx


MJ said...

What a sweet idea - something new every day! I might try to do something new most days, since I don't live in a very big city and I've been here a long time!