Thursday, March 15, 2012


Dear Internets,

It doesn't matter how grown up you are, you should always make time to have unproductive fun like you did as a child. The imperative thing is the word 'like'. I've learnt the hard way that little things like watching the transformers cartoon or going to wonderland one last time are not a good idea.
[picture above : Lee of Tsardust]

When I go out somewhere with Lee of Tsardust, I takes it as an opportunity to dress exactly as I want rather than as I should. Do that with some people & they will get confused or ask if I'm headed to a dress up party afterwards. If you can get dressed as a spiderman fairy to the grocery store as a child, don't judge my 'fashion crazy' people!

[picture above: PixelHazard]

We spent the day :
1. taking photos next to graffiti as it makes us look like we have greater photography skill
2. repeatedly visiting a make up store during closing hours only to press our noses to the glass & oogle their wares
3. eating strange flavoured icecreams
4. playing video games to prove our lack of had eye coordinateon
5. drinking happy lemon and pulling faces as our drink reviews
6. spill soup dumplings everywhere as we try to eat lunch.
7. now that we have the money trying to fit into ride we could fit into before but never had the coin for.
8. lusting over items in the claw machines with the intelligence to know the odds of us scoring one are not in our favour
9. taking stupid photos while pulling faces because if you pull a face, you look intentionally stupid, but if you don't you look unintentionally stupid, which is far worse.

More photos of this day to come in future posts. Trust me,you'd do well to pace yourself. The idiocy can be overwhelming in one bite

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daisychain said...

too damn cute.

MosaMuse said...

lol so cute!!

KT said...

Hahaha that is the cutest little car!

Magnet said...

Aw sounds like you guys had such a fun day! It reminds me of trips to the supermarket with an old friend. We used to get so excited about buying the most pointless things...