Monday, March 12, 2012


Dear Internets,

In my mid 20's and a corporate environment, I have my favourites when it comes to make up. When it comes to concealer, I can't go past Bobbi Brown. When it comes to eyeliner, NARS does a damn good job, but the majority of my make up devotions have lain with MAC. I don't know if it's the brands inclusion in that TLC hit single in the 90's that got me onto it (probably not) but I cannot find anything that compares!

So with that MAC twinkle already in my eye I was so excited to learn of the Iris Apfel collab! The campaign image itself was enough to make me stop in my tracks and peruse the stand. [SIDEBAR: If you left your camera behind at the Sydney MAC store, I found it and handed it in. Go collect!]

Iris is known for her bold colours and reds so it should come as no surprise that this collection features a lot of reds, oranges and pink sunset colours. For the eyes we have a gorgeous green, classic black and some lovely pinks thrown in there too to offer some balance. If I had more $$ to my name I would definately buy up the whole collection but since I love my dear husband far too much, I might just invest in a tasting plate instead :)

Do you have a favourite brand I've been overlooking?

♥ pixelhazard
penny pinching to invest


Lo said...

I would have to agree!

krystin. said...

Gorge reds! :O If only I weren't a starving uni kid...

My fav brand is Benefit. Their products work really well on my sensitive skin, have great color payoff, and aren't too pricey. Also, I'm pale, and they seem to cater a bit more to that than some other brands like MAC (I'm legit just a little paler than the palest pressed foundation shade they have!)

- xo


MosaMuse said...

i loved TLCs 'unpretty' :) i wish i had a signature piece like cool frames. i dont know what mine would be lol