Monday, April 2, 2012


Dear Internets,

The 80's have terrorized our neutral palettes for such a long time. The photos of perms combined with fluro colours, oversized T-shirts, acid washed denim, tights and legwarmers are now supposed to be nothing but a distant memory but being the self destructive creatures we are those trends have come back with a great vengence!

Leggings have evolved to the ever so hated and criminal jeggings [Sidebar: ladies, jeggings are not jeans or any form of pants and therefor cannot be accompanied with nothing but a crop top. Consider this a plea]. Fluro colours, though more refined and specific, have come back and over the past year I've seen the punk rock gun metal studs making an appearance everywhere.

The jeggings movement is something that I can never become a part of but to the fluro pink and gun metal studs, I say :welcome to my humblke closet. There is but space for few, and for that, I am truly NOT sorry. Trends like meals should always be considered in moderation.

Serious fashion warnings set aside, YAY FLURO PINK & STUDS!


♥ pixelhazard
is all pink & gun metal


daisychain said...

you = awesome.

MosaMuse said...

LOVE those bike glasses :)

Emi Coco said...

Lovely post!

You've got a great blog, I'm glad I found it. Following you now! Mind following me back?


Fabrizia said...

I like your post so much! These pictures are really gorgeous!
I’ve just wrote a new post, tell me what do you think about it!
Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???

Along Abbey Road said...

This is awesome. The 80's rule.

Along Abbey Road

Charlotte Beecham said...

i love your blog. your style&vibe are great. would love it if youd check mine out and follow me back if youd like. Thanks!

Magnet said...

You look amazing, I love neon pink and studs too. You know what would be double awesome? NEON PINK STUDS hahaha. Those sunglasses are maad! <3

Jacquelyn said...

Love the textures of this outfit. Studs + bright colours <3


Noressa Henness said...

love this outfit, it suits you ;D
Great blog girls!!

Wanna follow each others?

sepatuholic said...

loving that bag ....

Bubble My Licorice said...

you look amazing :)
I love your style!!

Jade Monique said...

nice! i lik your style.

Hello Naka said...

i love the studs! amazing outfit too :3

handmade romance said...

you certainly rock an '80 look perfectly! love those bike glasses too - a m a z i n g !