Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Dear Internets,

Every now and then I come across a pair of shoes I just can't walk away from. I usually employ the 'wait and see' method which really puts things in to the arms of cruel fete. So here's how it works: You go home and see if you can get them off your mind. If you can't, you return and hope to hell your shoe size is still available. If it's not, it just wasn't meant to be....I guess....booooo!

I'm sure this method is employed the world over with men and women having spent a combined lifetime pacing backwards and forwards in this process but if you haven't, give it a shot, your wallet will thank you. Well anyway, I was in Target of all places when I spotted a pair of black faux moe hair outdoor slippers.

Does it sound ugly so far? Yeah I know, but the creative side of me just couldn't let them go. They needed a metal and gold tip stud DIY treatment and to be on my footsies so thats just what I did. Look at these babies in action! For $24, no regrets, they look a whole deal more expensive than that.

A couple of other details I enjoyed on the day were my zebra nail stickers, the gorgeous chain metal strap on my monochrome sportsgirl skull tote and my artsy ring. I'm so glad I took the few moments required to look into the details. How about you, do you make the time for attention to detail?

♥ pixelhazard
has toasty monster footsies


Anastasios said...

Great flats! I love those spikes!

Francesca said...

I definitely agree in if it's meant to be!


MosaMuse said...

u look great and u inspired me to get some nail stickers!
love the shoes!


Adam said...

nice shoes

GlamorousGirl said...