Monday, May 7, 2012


Dear Internets,

Think of what would happen if an oil slick rainbow met the green fairy and had clothing babies. Seems like a very convoluted thing to imagine but it's what is required to prep you for the awesome that is Melbourne (Australian) based clothing line DI$COUNT founded by designers Nadia Napreychikov and Cami James.

You do need to check your previous perceptions of the word 'discount' at the rabbit hole before you fall in, but what you get in return are custom prints, sequins and attitude with a price tag for quality. In the designers own words, DI$COUNT is 'a luxury brand that doesn't only cater to the traditional luxury consumer'.

Their most recent campaign is only improved by their inclusion of Lola Van Vorst who has blossomed into an great edgy model since her Australia's next top model debut. Accompanied by talented photographer Ben Simpson, creative director Kate Carnegie, and make up artist Belinda Zollo, there was no going wrong.

You can see Nadia & Cami's uninhibited ethos on style as a form or seduction when you look at their blog and designs. I sincerely hope their creative fire burns on for many many more years to come. If you hurry though you may be able to get your favourite piece or wistfully peruse the others on-line here. If nothing else, it certainly has provided a minefield of inspiration.

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FashionGeek said...

im kinda in love with that blazer!
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MOSAMUSE said...

i like how everything is so bright! very fun!

Tessa: said...

Beautiful looks! love the candy colored clothing

Agnieszka Guerrero Olesinska said...

Amazing photos and outfits! I love this post!
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FashionGeek said...

Thanks for the comment gorl!
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shardette.. said...

Love these pics!

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BusiChic said...

So much awesome - I love their use of colour, detail and what attitude!