Friday, June 1, 2012


Dear Internets,

In the middle of the week, a school night no less, I got all dolled up and ventured into town to meet my friend Megz of the M word. The plan was to check out Show'n'Sell brought to you by the Sydney Etsy group. A keen supporter of both fashion and hand made, I was keen to check things out.

Intimate was the best way to explain the set up with low lighting a cute little 'chemist' bar, paper decorations and people hanging out of windows and balconies. It was so full in fact that I spent a clear 20 minutes looking for Megz and her two friends in two small connected rooms. Who would have thought a 6 foot glittery girl like me could manage to be so inconspicuous.

Some of the sellers I had seen at markets and stalls before while others were brand new for me and something I'll have to introduce you to in coming posts. Given the central location, I'd definately recommend a quick pop in to any future events. Once we were done, it was just a short stroll to Barrio Chino, a cute little Mexican Cantina in Kings Cross with the best home made corn chips and guacamole!

Perhaps next time, I'll see you there?

♥ pixelhazard
craving home made corn chips

9 comments: said...

Que bonitas esas especie de flores.


Michelle's Style File said...

Looks like great fun!


Adam said...

seems like a fun time

MOSAMUSE said...

looks fun Ms. Perry!

Kate said...

It looks like it was so much fun!

The Foolish Aesthete said...

Cool, colorful paper mobiles!

yiqin; said...

lovely photos <3


cool post!



BrigittaR said...

Looks fun but CRAMPED. Oh my!