Sunday, May 6, 2012


Dear Internets,

When I go to the markets and see things like clutches made out of old books, I fall into a false sence of security about the extent of my talent and the time I have available to make such things. I look with the perfect amount of curiosity and appreciation and then  look distracted and wander off.
Often when I have reached a point of no return, I realise that there is no way ever that I would complete a project like that & if I wanted it I really should have made the purchase. This feeling did not even cross my mind when I saw Olympia Le-Tan's gorgeous Handbags and Minaudiers. Being a science nerd, she's particularly peaked my interest with medical based themes.

Being the general nerd I am, the use of old books and graphics also suckered me in. And look at how much care has been taken even on the inside of these bags -a little secret you could enjoy everytime you peeked in.

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Wida said...

I want these SO bad. BEEP!

Hehe ;)

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FashionGeek said...

i might try it! why not!
want to follow each other?

Tessa: said...

Those clutches are really cool!

Mary said...

These are all just so incredible. I definitely want one one day xx