Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Dear Internets,

You've no doubt heard about all the gorgeous clothing, designers and models that made up Sydney fashion week 2012 but what about the bloggers running around in all the drama? On Thursday afternoon they stopped running, tweeting & posting and paused for a brief 2 hours to attend Portable presents: Susie Bubble at the Dendy theatre in darling harbour.

I sat amongst some of the most thoughtfully dressed women and men in Sydney listening to keynote speaker Susie Lau as she discussed the plight of the fashion blogger; past, present and future, and its role in her life. With such a following, internet fame and an eye for style, I was not expecting the sweet, humble woman with a lovely British accent and playfulness that belies her six years of experience.'

While nervously playing with her hair, Susie discussed how she segments her posts highlighting experience, inspirations, culture and context, craft, history and talent. Sharing her visits to see designer label workshops and the isle of Harris tweed gave me a renewed appreciation of the workmanship that is often devalued for status on a retail level.

Apart from being an obvious on-line influence to all those present that evening, she discussed how bloggers have made an impact offline in design collaborations such as the Nike 'She runs the night' campaign where Australian bloggers from FELLT joined women in Sydney to reclaim the right. Susie has been a part of numerous carefully selected collaborations already but admits that ideas are constantly evolving and sometimes in uncharted waters risks need to be taken. I for one would love to see the travelling style bubble pop up store that is currently in development.

[does anyone else want to steal Susie's shoes?]

Humble as she was, she commented that hers was a voice amongst many but development of that personal voice and treating her blog not as a business but as a passionate hobby was what may very well have set her apart. At it's very foundation Susie repeatedly stated "content is king" and that she had always been one to delve into a brand or designer to find out the whole compelling story rather than letting time force a sense of urgency.

[er hi, can I steal your acid wash jacket and those hugable sleeves please?]

Her presentation and work ethic was incredibly inspiring and her lifestyle seems tiring but enviable. All this from a livejournal, self taught HTML, a lack of a high school boyfriend and a love for sailor moon. If you ever get the opportunity to see her speak or attend a Portable event, I would highly recommend it, especially during a motivation lull.

After the talk and Q & A we were given a chance to mingle. It solidified how important it is to engage and look out for local bloggers, one of which I was fortunate enough to meet ; the lovely Brigitta from Snacked. For more images like these, updates or info I highly recommend joining Portable on Facebook or Twitter or you could always find me [FB]/[TWITTER], I'll keep you in the loop!

[sorry I have no idea why I look so vacant or odd]

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Francesca Romana Capizzi said...

What a great and fashionable event!! Lucky you!!
Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

Cecylia said...

wow you went to the conference!! Wish I went :( Tell us more about what you learnt!

Soph. said...

Looks very interesting. Amazing outfits and accessories.

Xox Soph

Lysa said...

Nice images!!!!!!!! Like this!!!

style point said...

love that inspiring.last pic just rocks!

See Xiong. said...

thanks. I did a tutorial on how to get them on. you should check it out. =).

Adam said...

looks like a fun event

Dale JaneƩ said...

Wow, i loved looking through these outfits and the blue top at the end is so chic!

Great post

thehautepursuit said...

i absolutely agree. i've been reading susie's blog for ages now and her voice has not changed from the very beginning...she's just as passionate...just as witty...just as on-point!