Thursday, June 28, 2012


Dear Internets,

Despite how far we have come, there is still a little bit of a stigma around second-hand shopping, regardless of how we re-brand it as "vintage". Many of you still conjure up images of dumpster diving through strange smelling clothing bins overwhelmed by the scent and sight of random stains.

For my mum, it's a status thing. "Can't you afford new clothes?" she asks me as she wrinkles her nose at the idea and in one foul swoop complements the gear I wearing, asking if she can borrow my not so new jacket. Little does she know I might spend more on vintage than on "brand new clothes". Vintage shopping is about preserving and appreciating the time, thought and quality that is seldom put in mass produced clothes these days. It's also about find something different that your friends aren't likely to have in different colours.

For those vintage virgins and those just unlucky in the hunt, I have a solution for you: Ela Hawke Vintage! It's your one stop on-line shop for beautifully curated vintage finds, so you no longer have to sneeze your way through dust ridden racks of ugly clothing or fear checking pockets. I've recently had the pleasure of having an interview with Jess of Ela Hawke & maybe if you get to know them you'll love them as much as I do:

When did you start and why ?
Ela Hawke Vintage began just a little over a year ago in May of last year. It kind of started as a side project, a little adventure to see where it would take me. I was at a bit of a crossroad where I wanted to combine my love for retail and styling with my graphic design skills. A close friend had a growing collection of beautiful vintage wares so we decided to start Ela Hawke Vintage. Originally it was the two of us for the first couple of months but I took the reigns not long after when we realised it was turning in to more than just a hobby. I now run EHV purely on my own, from styling and photographing the shoots to writing emails and building relationships with my beautiful customers, but of course not without the huge support and help from family and friends. 

What really gets your vintage boat floating? 
For me, I can't go past a stunning printed 60s or 70s maxi dress with big wide sleeves and a beautiful neckline. I look in my closet and I have about 10 of the same style dresses, they're my favourite. I also love anything lace or silk, the more weathered the more beautiful. For my customers, I love to pick pieces that have character and are a bit of fun. Bold prints and bright colours mixed with quirky pieces that are a bit edgy. The crazier the better!

What makes Ela Hawke Vintage different? 
I feel like Ela Hawke Vintage is different to most other vintage stores because I try to bring a fun and playful tone to the brand. I take great pride in styling all the pieces and photographing them as best I can. I'm constantly researching current trends, here and overseas. Vintage clothing can always be incorporated in to a current wardrobe so I'm always thinking about what people are looking for and buying. I don't take myself too seriously! I'm true to myself and who I am and I think that reflects in the Ela Hawke Vintage brand. 

Doesn't she sound like the sweetest? The photos are always so fun & I find the easiest way of keeping on top of the gorgeous pieces Ela Hawke Vintage have available is through their facebook page but you can also get a hold of Jess via twitter or email.

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is seriously eyeing the jumpsuit in the first pic


I'm Sydney. said...

how fun! love her styles! They're so personal and... wow

esteephs said...

Love vintage clothes <3

yiqin; said...
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Shelly said...

You are truly stunning, I really love the last outfit, specially the tones!

Thanks you for stop by my blog :)

Much Love ThePeppyMay said...

Muy especial y diferente. Interesantes propuestas!!! Un abrazo.

Anonymous said...

These are absolutely lovely! My mom hates the idea of me wearing stuff people already worn before.. but like you said, it's a great way to find different things than what your friends own, and to step out of mass consumerism for a while and give a second life at some great hidden gems out there!


Jacquii Lie said...

SHUTTUP to the Mickey jumper..incredibly jeal. Love the sequin mini, the last jacket and the polka dot one as well! Great post hun, as always.

Couture Caddy

Elle Sees said...

i need to hit up some of the amazing vintage stores in atl

Collections said...

Love the interview and LOVE the mickey mouse sweatshirt.

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bleufountain said...

I like this first jumpsuit so much, great cut and colours, and print too :)

Hello Naka said...

i love how to describe finidng vintage clothing in shops so true XD and nice interview :)

MOSAMUSE said...

verymuch my style!

Katarina said...

Amazing stuff!
Following you! Stop by sometimes :)

Maryam Maquillage said...

amazing outfits!! so fresh and chill!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing style !