Sunday, June 3, 2012


Dear Internets,

On wednesday night I followed the tinkling sound of champaign, the sweet scent of candy and the cooing noises attached to those getting their mitts on the latest Jennifer Kate collection at the Tailor Maid showing. Founded by the lovely Jen McCloy, the 2012 Autumn/Winter collection captures "the timelessness of fur, the prestige of Leather and the elegance of silk"* that she has witnessed and revered throughout her life.

The focus  is on the idea of long lasting, high quality products with a timeless yet modern feel. The carefully designed silk blouses, fur collars, full pelt jackets and fur vests were beautifully put together and a dream for the finger tips. Putting on the clothes almost subconsciously drives you to start stroking your own collar. While the luxurious feel can be distracting, particularly if you feel awkward about your friends joining in on the sensory pleasure, you will at the very least be toasty warm and stylish

I was particularly thrilled at finding a fur vest (hooded or not) that didn't make me resemble a dirty snowball on legs. The secret behind this rather slimming vest can be blamed on the technique of rabbit fur woven through fabric mesh, retaining the look and warmth you might be looking for without the bulk or weight.

The icing on the cake for me, apart from all the actual lollipops, marshmallows, macarons and popcorn on offer was the actual marketing campaign which included poaching girls on the street to be photographed in the Jennifer Kate wares. An accurate description of how these clothes might actually translate into you wardrobe gave more accessibility to what some may otherwise consider as niche textures to be worn once in a blue moon or on trips to colder nations. I for one may not wait for a trip to Siberia.

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touching her own lapel


MOSAMUSE said...

pretty make up!

Lysa said...

Like these photos!!!!!!
Lysa said...

Me encanta los chalecos de pelo.muy chulo el post.besos.

The Foolish Aesthete said...

Beautiful furs. I think everyone can be forgiven for caressing themselves (and others) in these pelts.

Tolu D.A.D.A said...

This post is amazing!!!
It doesn't help my unhealthy obsession with fur though lol
Absolutely loving all those jackets!

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