Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Dear Internets,

My creative side is always battling with my science nerd mortgage holder side and the balance has always been a little precarious, but when a work mate of mine suggested we band together and get our market stall on, I got crazy excited.

[sarahteaa in $25 silk crown]

So much so, that I started stock piling straight away with brightgreenlaces.com creations. I'm not sure what she has in mind for you yet but come October, we'll be getting our floral crowns and one of a kind reconstructed clothing on, Sydney style.

[Sarahteaa in $20 pink silk crown]

They crowns will range from $15 for the lace and fabric crowns, all the way up to $25 for the more extravagant silk crowns. Here's a little preview of a few I've put together so far. I must admit I do want to keep them all. How on earth do people manage to make things they're proud of and then sell them. Guess I'll find out soon huh?

I'll keep you posted as soon as I can with more details about the stall but until then, if you're interested in these babies and have a paypal account, feel free to drop me a line. There's plenty more where that came from. 

[ you must admit, it does improve my face, doesn't it?]

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BrigittaR said...

yay! so exciting. Keep us posted ;)

Allison said...

Those floral crowns are just gorgeous!! I would love for you to visit my blog sometime!!

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t said...

Nice crowns!


Sadie said...

I love these floral crowns, they're gorgeous! It's a shame I don't live in Sydney because if I did I would be paying a visit to your stall :) xx

Clara Turbay said...

I love your style warm and inspiring, so i´ll be in contact!

Mary said...

Oh these are just so pretty! I'll definitely check out your stall (so exciting) xx

Sootjeelina said...

Beautiful crowns! They look great on you

xoxo Sootjeelina

Mish Rendon said...

love that crown on you! <3

XO, Mish
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Mik said...

oh so cool!! love the floral headbands


contacto@2piezas.com said...

Como gustan tus fotos,son super divertidas y originales.Muy guapa,Besos preciosa.

Diana Marks said...

great photos!
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I'm Sydney. said...

holy shmokes girl, that looks amazing!
I gotta wear one!

margaret said...

Wow they're gorgeous!

I don't think I'd been able to pull them off but I'd love to borrow on and do a shoot with one!


Jacquii Lie said...

you are too funny.....love this crown hun! you're becoming such a whiz at them, I think it's time to open an etsy store?!

Couture Caddy

redsun said...

I love your photos !!

melissa said...

I want one, beautiful head piece!!! Puts the one I made to shame xx

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

Totally love the wreath and whimsical accessories! =)


Michelle's Style File said...

Such beautiful head pieces!


ylenia said...

HEy amazingggg blog here, I'm your follower number 200 now!
hope you will visit my blog too and maybe follow me back =)

La Josie said...

Beautiful pictures ! Maybe we can follow each other if you want it !