Thursday, July 12, 2012


Dear Internets,

A few posts ago, I wrote about having brunch with Nora finds, Fashion Hayley and Lucy & the Runaways. What I didn't do, like the deceptive girl that I am, is share my outfit with you lovelies. Now brace yourself because I went a little nuts; a tendency I have on the weekend and whenever I've made a new purchase, completed a successful DIY or rediscovered something in my wardrobe

[I look like I'm catching flies with my mouth in this candid shot by Nora]

Now the operative word there is OR. I made the nutty decision to wear absolutely everything I was excited about that day, throwing caution to the win and clashing with class (hopefully).  Ordinarily pleats, fluoro, spots, velvet laces and studs would never meet in one outfit let alone one day but I have sheer clothing induced excitement on my side.

  • Fluro neck cuff by Diva
  • DIY studded trench I'd just finished
  • Suck it ring by Bubblegum Deluxe (more on that later)

[ Image courtesy of Nora ]

[Image courtesy of Nora]

  • Nanna jeweled carpet bag I bought years ago in Surry Hills

Surely I can't be the only one that gets uncontrollably excited right? Tell me, what's the latest purchase/DIY/closet discovery that gave you an excuse to go out and flaunt it? Promise I'll contain my excitement and practice restrain just as I am in the image below (I'm practising my serious face).

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22 comments: said...

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!impresionante,estas divina,me recuerdas a esas estrellas blogueras que salen en las revistas,super cool.un 100 a este look y el amarillo te queda super.Besos preciosa.

Nada Diaa said...

This outfit specially the skirt is so inspiring :) great work with neon !


Jacquii Lie said...

yeahhhh so you're just wayyyy too cool for school. looking fab. Love the skirt plus OMG TO YOUR TRENCH! It's done and look stunning. Your shoes really just top off the whole outfit. Oh and the ring too....seriously stop being so cool.

Couture Caddy

Mulan Ranagradis said...

Epic look!
your blog is inspiring!i wonder if we can follow each other?

Sadie said...

Amazing outfit! It all works so well together! I especially love the studded trench :) xx

Collections said...

This outfit is BEYOND amazing. I love your style. I'm now following with bloglovin :) Please do the same for me if you like my blog!


Benedetta (Daddy's neatness) said...

That fabulos gorgeus stylish look! You're amazing darling!!!! I love your skirt and shoes combo! Great choice! ;D



Sootjeelina said...

Gorgeous! I love the dress

xoxo Sootjeelina

Caitie Schlisserman said...

Uh-maze! I love those shoes with that bright skirt!


Sara said...

I love you're blog, dear.
I follow u. My name in GFC is: sexy_paige_cucu.

Hope u follow back ;) ;)

A lot of kisses.

Shelly said...

You are amazing! Thks you to participate to my give away ! You just forgot to like my page, and this one ! Can you give me your fb name and I'll find you easily :) ? Good Luck!!

Much Love, ThePeppyMay

Melanie Alexandra said...

Beautiful outfit! I love rediscovering things in my's always so nice. I usually can only do that when I take my time to buy real investment pieces rather than things on the fly. This neon and neutral combination is my favorite. I love khaki and yellow...great job :)


Lysa said...

So great skirt!!!! Fabulous color!!!

jbst-wanderlust said...

Love the DIY trench!

Love, jbst!

Karolina Weronika said...

You look like Ola Szwed, polish young actress :>

redsun said...

I love your look !!

Analisa said...

That dress is crazy gorgeous!

StephieB said...

Lovely - i want those shoes!

A happy weekend to you, Stephie x

Mary said...

You look so, so fabulous! I love your DIY trench as well - I could stare at it forever... x

yiqin; said...


melissa said...

First of all you are so pretty and second that skirt flow is amazing

Eva said...

Cool outfit! I really like the detailing on the jacket ;)