Sunday, August 19, 2012


Dear Internets,

Women's clothes, jewellery, shoes, yeah they feature on often but what about the men? I've spent 8 years with Mr Mo. and being a firm believer in not squelching his personality, had never had the desire to influence his dress sense. As a result, I've never before paid nearly enough attention to men's labels unless they looking particularly striking on a runway.

With the new vibrancy, creativity and fun sneaking into menswear, I'm going to start sneaking in my own influence to inadvertently increase the scope of my wardrobe through my husband."What's mine is mine, what's his is mine?" a wonderful brainwave I had while visiting BAM brands.

I daydreamed about the gorgeous women's labels I saw there in an earlier post so it seems only fair that we look at some men's labels. My favourite is probably Vanguard, a well known Australian label that revels in it's roots. Fun prints reminiscent of Mambo designs, there's a cartoonish charm this label brings that's often neglected in women's wear. The shorts pictured above are definitely something I'd steal out of his closet and hide in mine, wouldn't you?

Orchill Wallets were another highlight. 7 years ago, I went all the way to India to find a black leather wallet I liked for the guy and he's still using it now. If only Orchill had been at my fingertips earlier to save me from all that searching. Their wallets are slimline, classic with a great contemporary pop of colour, like a secret for your pocket.

So we've covered an accessory, casual wear and now it's time for shirts and shoes, so you still get service. Enter Boxfresh for cute scewed pockets, button detail, laces and materials begging to be felt, the things cute boys begging to be felt are made of ;)

I had so much fun and this seems like the start of a beautiful and hopefully incredibly long relationship. You'll  be seeing more man style from here on end, me thinks. And with those thoughts...


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Adam said...

cool designs

Allison said...

Um, yes, I would totally steal those skull shorts out of my husband's closet if he owned them and make them my own. Too bad my husband doesn't dress in such cool things.

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Caitie Schlisserman said...

awesome designs! thanks for sharing!