Monday, August 27, 2012


Dear Internets,

I shop too much. It's probably a thought that rattles around in your head quite frequently and if it doesn't but you're here, now might be the time to concede severe denial. Now that the shoppers anon session has begun let me go on to say that sometimes we are a little unfair to retail brands. "Argh, there's nothing here" is something I often think, without thinking about how frequently I visit the same stores.

The girls at my local Bardot know me now. It's part of my shopping centre pedestrian route which has been so skilfully repeated, my sister and I no longer need to communicate about where we'd like to go next when we shop together. Given my recent frustration I decided to follow the GFC trends and avoid the shops for a little while

[Jacket - Bardot | Bag - Sportsgirl | Blouse - Cotton On]

It was mere serendipity that walked me past Bardot where I spotted the most perfect introduction to the floral/ombre/bomber jacket trend. I knew straight away after lusting for the Offshop H&M version that this jacket was for me and there's nothing like the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival to wear it to, as motivation.

I'd adore the matching pants and top but I'm afraid we'll have to save that dosh for my overseas fashionf finding extravaganza. Enjoy it for me won't you? And if you tastes are baroque or bling inspired, I've picked out a few of my favourites. Time for another visit to Bardot don't you think?

[Jacquie - Couture Caddy | Pixel Hazard | Sophia -Moulin Frock ]

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mimi said...

THAT JACKET. The gradiant, the print, how you layered it. Looking good (:

I like the picks here. A little flashy for some, but perfect for girls like us.

Also I don't usually like tote bags but recently have been wanting to get one to lug around. Yours looks fab. Weird how personal fashion tastes change huh!

// said...

Super sofisticada y muy muy guapa.Besos.

bleufountain said...

Amazing ombre jacket :)
I like pants in the same print too :)

BrigittaR said...

very cute outfit.

I like the mirrored floral tunic but I know I'd never wear it - realising what I will and won't wear is a symptom of the gfc trend too.

Stacy said...

you are so beautiful!!! Lady Killer ;)

Anonymous said...

Love love love. You look great.

♥ With Love,
Tisha Jade of

Mary said...

I don't think anyone would be able to resist that jacket! So. Cool.

Romi said...

hello stunning girl!
You all look amazing! Hope u guys had fun xxx

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Adam said...

great jacket

MOSAMUSE said...

you look great and I love that jacket!!

Anni said...

That's a gorgeous jacket - and I know what you mean! There are stores I think, oh, I'll just head in and window shop and before I know it I'm at the checkout with a armload of stuff.

Allison said...

I shop too much too! No shame in that! I love the jackets you've picked out! And thanks for the comments on my sunglasses! I hope that you're able to make a pair! If not, you can always find them in my etsy shop here:Kawaii Kitsch by A
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Anonymous said...

nice photos and post <3


Gian Carla Tolentino said...

This a beautiful outfit. <3

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