Friday, August 31, 2012


Dear Internets,

The last night of the Mercedes-Benz fashion festival schedule in Sydney saw models with nostaligic quaffed hair strutting down the runway in Whitney Port's two lines. The show was opened by lovely lady herself with enthusiasm and polite 'thank yous' which made her even more endearing.

Whitney explained that while both lines were relatively affordable they were still completely representative of her; fun, bold and a little outside the box. Her diffusion line is specifically budget friendly and will hit Sportsgirl stores soon, while some of the more extravagant items can be pre-ordered now at the Iconic.

The designs were rife with a contrast of bold prints and floaty pastel colours. Judging from my instagram feed of the night, the ice cream coloured floral play suits were the favourite. I would certainly wear anything in that lovely pale print to the beach, to a brunch of to a party on a warm day.

For those who are not all that print friendly, there were colourblock pieces akin to an old joke with a new exciting punchline "what's black, white, and red all over". One of my favourites was the Megan catsuit which I can see joining my wardrobe instantly. It is the perfect "oh this old thing? I just threw it on!" piece of fabulous that makes you look like you've put in a lot more effort than you did.

From the Hills to the catwalk, have you found yourself partial to the clothes of this very sweet and driven reality star come designer? Considering I have already thought of which items I would buy, I think it's safe to say I quite like it, but what do you think?

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Rose Mode said...

I love her collection
I would be so happy if you could like my Facebook page.

Adam said...

cool pics

Sharon said...

I also went to see her collection and fell in love with that floral playsuit
unfortunately my camera wouldn't focus so I got no photos

Lysa said...

So great! Like this hair!!!!!!!

Romi said...

Great shots! Don't feel too missed out now! :P X

Stephanie G said...

gorgeous collection -- spring is definitely here, yay!

steph /

MOSAMUSE said...

LOVE the hair! and the designs