Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Dear Internets,

A few posts ago here, I should you my outfit from the Ksubi Bad Sports launch. It seems the papers must have spotted Tsardust & I too because on Sunday morning a friend sent over this pic in it's full low definition glory.

Now if I lost you at Ksubi, we need to rectify this situation immediately. Ksubi is a fantastic Australian born brand that has been kickin' it hipster style for over 10 years. Their lines often march to the beat of their own drum so if you are looking for the neons that are so now, you may find it in Ksubi some day, but you so won't find it now. Their dedication to wardrobe staples like jeans and leather jackets is beautifully dependable.

Denim, plaid and leopard print juxtaposed in the W.A.R collection had me on-line shop stalking for hours and clearly by the gorgeous parka and shirt Tsardust is wearing, she's no stranger to the allure either. How amazing does it look? If it hadn't sold out on-line almost instantaneously it would have definitely made it into my wardrobe too.

[ Jacket & T - Ksubi |  Jeans - Lee | Boots - Dr Martens ]

Given my clear fascination, I was certainly eager to see their  new 'bad sports' line which I learnt was a back to the classics nod to denim and leather. A little obmre and floral print has managed to make it through the  but with a slightly more rock'n'roll feel that the trend is used to. One of my favourites is the leather harness and denim vest but if you's like a more incognito version of Tsardust's jacket, you might like the anorak that made it into the new collection.

[Rings: Left - Low Luv | Right - Mania Mania ]


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Sin12012 said...

Awesome Jacket !

xo ,
Ana Catalarrana

MOSAMUSE said...

nice nail color

Hanna & Christel said...

awesome ! we so much love your coat!


tsardust said...


Setting aside some money for that anorak!

Girl Lilikoi said...

What a cool coat! I love the mix and match of pathes. Very utilitarian and boho chic. Following u now on GFC dear, lets keep in touch and have a wonderful week said...

Super cool,me encanta.Beos.

Adly Velasco said...

Love your jacket!

Gazillionth Thought Bubble

Allison said...

Love the parka!
A's Fashion Files

Estilo Hedónico said...

Amazing outfit!!!!


redsun said...

great !!!

Caitie Schlisserman said...

what a unique jacket! love the leopard :)


Bodil Huisman said...

that jacket is awesome!


Jessica Tuong said...

Awesome jacket and great post :)

Nice meeting you at the Wish Showing the other day! even if it was very brief :) Hope to see you around at these events more often!

Just letting you know I am following you now and I also liked you on facebook! If you like, I would love it if you check out my blog:)

Jess xo