Saturday, September 29, 2012


Dear Internets,

It's so easy to go off with the fairies sometimes particularly with a the weather heating up and a long weekend on the horizon. What with working full time and all, I am often dreaming of days when holidays were seasonal and spent at the beach.

Fortunately my passion for Bright Green Laces gives me a blogging excuse to frolic in the sun with some of the best emerging brands. As I have fallen in love with Mettle - Fair trade, I've seen you guys fall in love too. You saw the little photo adventure I took Leena on over here & I just couldn't help but share some more of it!

And to really test my photo taking ability and show the true beauty of these amazing pieces, apart from some resizing, I've hardly done any editing at all to these photos. Oh how I wish I had these amazing pieces sitting in my wardrobe but alas they have been returned, just waiting for you to make your purchases.

Model Leena is wearing own black dress and heels. 
Make up, styling and photogaphy by Pixel Hazard
Necklaces and moulded ankle cuff from Mettle- Fair Trade
Floral grown from Bright Green Laces shop
Royal blue velvet from Joveebae

 ♥ pixelhazard
is late for a very important date


Amanda said...

the photos are stuning

I'm Sydney. said...

giiirl love these photos! And all the frolicking in the sunny fields as your summer comes up and mine fades away...
i'm a little jealous.

mojomade said...

Woah that neckplate is to die for!! Totally gypsy :) Love it!

♥ Morgan
gypsy.rock.n.roll @ MojoMade

Sin12012 said...

I love this photoshoot ! How perfect is that ? !


xo ,
Ana Catalarrana

Buzz said...

Love it!

(giveaway iphone cover)


livlovelaugh said...

thank you ;) you make a splendid fairy


Verlyncia Tyson said...

Photos are great. Where can that necklace be purchased? I need to purchase that.