Sunday, September 16, 2012


Dear Internets,

There are certain things in your childhood that you loved yet attempting to revist them tends to be sorely disappointing. Most of the things we tend to revisit is less on the "mum can I pleaaaaaase have this troll doll? I really neeeeeed it" side of things and more along the lines of clothing and TV shoes. No the power rangers & transformers will never be as good as it was the first time around and no you should not bring back mullets and oversized T's with 3/4 leggings.

So when the strange idea of wearing jelly shoes as an adult came to me, I was still somewhat apprehensive. Now I'm not talking about those stylized jelly shoes in trendy new colours with skinny heels, lattice prints of pointed toes! I'm talking the kind you wore as a kid that had little glitter sparkles in them and cut into your feet but were so durable and cost effective, you're mum bought them for you anyway.

[The cutest acorn necklace I won from the lovely Maggie at La petite masemoiselle blog]
Going on a hunch, I thought I'd just see if I could find someone who sold them for adults and voila, I found Jellybeans. I would be lieing if I didn't admit that I sat on the idea for a while, intermittently trolling the website but the good price (AU$30) and the persistent nagging in my mind won over.

I followed their sizing guide which was absolutely perfect and ordered the clear pair despite objections from peers. About a week or so later they arrived on my door step, a little squashed but hey they're jellies, they'll bounce back! Part of my love for them apart from the cuteness factor was durability...and cuteness... so I took them on a random trip to Canberra to put them to the test

We jumped in crunchy leaves, saw strange attractions like Australia's only European traffic lights, walked through a pseudo rainforest, explored the giant word of costco and went to an Italia restaurant in them. No cutting into my feet and now I was the solid colours.

When the heeled versions come out with the extra colours next season, I may just be compelled to buy another pair. Boy I hope they branch out into solid candy pinks and pastel. What a summer that would be! If you're considering a pair yourself, here's the Jellybeans website & their most active social media account seems to be facebook here. Enjoy your adventure!

 ♥ pixelhazard
loves her new jelly beans shoes


Anonymous said...

Ah, they're so sweet! I've been looking for a cheap pair of sandals to wear through the little bit of summer I'll be in Sydney for this year, and these may just be the answer.

Brittany Fowler said...

ZOMG...obsessed with your jellys.