Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Dear Internets,

There's a special place in my fashion heart for home grown talent which is fortunate because Australia has always been the home of some beautiful designers and Mettle - Fair Trade is no exception. We made the introductions a little earlier on our group date post here so when you guys run off together it won't be awkward. Designer Brianna Hallihan has had plenty of industry experience but struggled marrying ethical fashion design with a luxury look.

An idea conceived in Cambodia, the metal items such as these beautiful necklaces and contoured ankle cuffs are made from recycled bomb shell metal and produced by a non for profit organisation owned and providing skills training for its members. Design with a conscience that makes you feel good and look good almost sounds too perfect but to me it's the perfect justification of a purchase: "Honey, do you mind if I donate some money to those in need in Cambodia? K Thanks Bye".

Having been fortunate enough to wear these pieces, I loved that is was not only striking , but hardy and high quality. Pieces with a story, history, quality, longevity and a likeable price point to boot, ticks all those columns and for those who are more accustomed to disposable fashion, you certainly get what you pay for.

While the design aesthetic you see in the pieces here are anatomically inclined there are some beautiful recycled leucite pieces in the collection as well with a very streamlined  and minimal aesthetic such as the Ceres clutch, hydra fluid earrings, and chain bracelet.

The lovely Leena (pictured in these snaps) & I were so sad to to have to return these pieces but so thankful to the pr department who allowed us to galavant around the streets getting beeped at by random strangers in cars and just to test the metal of Mettle and prove it's versatility, we have another shoot coming a little more femininely geared. Enjoy x.

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Mary said...

Mettle looks pretty damn amazing! I am checking out their website asap... I love discovering new labels - thank you! xx

moiminnie said...

The jewelry is amazing and you styled the model so well. Love it!

Adam said...

nice glasses

Agnieszka Guerrero Olesinska said...

I want all your accessories!

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Gigi said...

Wow, I want your contoured ankle cuffs.

Mica said...

Beautiful pieces and great photos! :)

Miss Lou said...


Cool blog and posts!!!! congratsssss because it's so stunning!

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LOVING your gold accessories!


Rin Handika said...

omg what a cool look, i realy love those pict especially your glasses!!!
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Sin12012 said...

My favourite ! :D
You look perfect !

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Aleksandra said...

Cool look !!!
Amazing sunnies !!!

Elfena said...

You look great!!Lovely blog!What about following each other?

WatermelonSquare said...

you're soo pretty! and i love your hair :)

Silvia Couture said...

great pictures! love your style and sunnies!


Reen Reen said...

thanks for the lovely comments all

t said...

I like those round sunglasses!

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I found a lot of inspirations on your blog. thanks! <3 If u want come chceck out my DIY blog at