Friday, September 7, 2012


Dear Internets,

Quite frequently my our facebook news feed lights up with new friends liking Wish, the clothing label. Considering the variety and on trend look of their trans-seasonal collection beautifully called lucid dreaming, I'm not at all surprised.

It seems stupid using the cliché "something for everyone" as though I were trolling shopping centres with a portable speaker, screaming out bargains, but it does seem to be true. One glance at the Wish eBoutique featuring two prevailing colour palettes, metallics, and prints will surely vindicate me.

The steely silvers in crimped fabrics glistened like wrapping paper but before I got to it, the exclusive Wish Chimera print Jacket and shorts stole my attention. While everyone has excitedly taking photo's I disappeared emerging in said jacket with a sheepish grin. It took a while for everyone to notice which clearly means it belongs on me? Maybe the pants and dress do too?

The white mesh style tank, theory pants and beautifully draped pastel Finder Jacket were also a clear favourites that belongs in anyone's everyday wardrobe this spring.

Lusting for summer we didn't forget the sunset range that featured a gorgeous mustard lightweight moto jacket and shorts set with a quilted option for  days requiring more insulation. Somehow the printed maxi dresses with black delicate piping made me feel like going on a nomadic dessert adventure...but a poolside coctail will also do quite well. Light, effortless and beautiful, the perfect no fuss solution to summer,

 [Jacquie of Couture Caddy in a fashionable game of peek-a-boo]
 [Maggie of Le Petite Mademoiselle & Jessica of Mind, Body, Shop]
{You may have seen her all over MBFFSydney, meet the newest fact of Wish]

Thanks to Madeline of Wish PR for inviting us to have a look at what's on the horizon.

 ♥ pixelhazard
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Anthea Lau said...

Oh god that sheer white top and absolutely stunning<3
I missed that event but i bet you guys must have had a great time viewing the collection!

Stacy said...

WOW!! I like everything here!

Clara Turbay said...

Great ideas!

LittleCloud said...

Yeah, Mimi is so interesting and beautiful ; )) but hey, do you want me to portrait you also? just sand me your photo here:

and btw. those clothes are worth dying for.


really like that mesh tank, very cool!