Thursday, October 11, 2012


Dear Internets,

Some things shoot straight to your heart like the Karla Spetic pop art collection. They also often force you to examine your finances while crying into your bowl of soup and as much as your soup may have required salt, adding them in your own tears is probably not the most optimal or hygienic of outcomes. It is nice however to have labels who then move forward drawing inspiration from these trends and give you a more affordable option.

Sure, now due to better access, everyone is dressed fabulously and you can't wear your laundry day clothes to pick up a bottle of milk anymore but think back to the days when designer ideas didn't filter down. Those were the scary days when we only had dramatic singers to style our wardrobe. Just imagine if that still held as true now. I'd be passive smoking from everyone who was walking down the street in Lady Gaga cigarette sunnies.

So where to shop you ask? ASOS, ZARA, H&M, TopShop are all quite immediately apparent options but a fast favorite of mine is Beginning Boutique. The fact that they use the word 'raddest' in their home page tag and their heartbreak hotel look book was evidence enough for me. I love their Stylestalker Cafe Floral Dress in white, followed very closely by the Comic bodycon dress which is less than $70! This may also be the reason why my size has already sold out in both.

Now that you have seen this, I'm guessing you are going to want to shop it so for a short while, everyone who put the colde "BLOGGER" in the coupon field at check out will get a 10% discount

♥ pixelhazard
Dream-shopping yet again


Aleksandra said...

I love that comic dress !!!

Put your heels up said...

That comic dress is amazing !!

Put your heels up

MOSAMUSE said...

love her hair!

fashionista face said...

i am in love with that comic dress! thanks for sharing this online boutique its quite scary for my bank balance all the stuff i want.