Sunday, October 21, 2012


Dear Internets,

Necessary decadence is the spirit of purchase anyone from their teens knows. It's when we give flexibility to the definitions of words like need and want to elevate our contentment. For all intensive purposes it is the difference between the calming relaxation of a bath versus a quick shower.

Everyone has a few Achilles heels on this topic, the most obvious one being jewelry, but why box yourself in to pearls, swarovski crystals and diamonds? Exquisite and expensive perfume is another option but we're supposed to have a signature scent. My perfumes are more like mood rings, I have several, I wear them often and they are completely dependent on how I feel that morning. One of my fave's picture above is Turquoise by Ralph Lauren...not sure if they make that anymore.

The last and ever increasing collection of mine is candles. Ones like Casa Collections candles by Pure Living  that are delicately scented, last for ages and come in nice glass jar you can use afterwards (here's how to clean them , here's ideas for use). The one pictured is Jasmine tea scented (which also happens to be my fave tea in case you have me over at your place) air purifying soy candle. It's lightly fragrant without being overpowering and perfect accompanying my necessarily decadent bath or spreading the scented joy throughout the house. They're about  $11 for 20 hour candles and $28 for the 50 hour ones which is a pretty good price point as far as candles go these days but if you aren't a candle person, the soaps including liquid hand soap range from $12 to $19 roughly.

I have a feeling this collection is going to grow but a big thanks to Trish Nicol who got me started on this candle train. Remeber what that chic L'oreal who always says "because your worth it!" ? I think she's onto something so tell me, what is your necessary decadence?

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kim bim said...

lurv this, great post.

MOSAMUSE said...

ive never tried CASA... i have to keep it in mind. I do agree that perfumes are like mood rings!

Maria Ana said...

I love candles, they make such a different in a home! :)