Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Dear Internets,

"Wow you're tall!" says captain obvious to a teenage pixelhazard, "you should play basketball!".  Unsolicited advice about my height was often freely given and while thinking of clever retorts, stifled by my upbringing, I'd hold my tongue and nod in agreement. The fact that I enjoyed playing but was terrible at team sports acted like a self important secret never to rear it's head until recently.

[Collar - Lovisa | Dress - Forcast | Shoes - I <3 a="a" billy="billy">]
The start of basketball season has never been as glamorous or amorous a time when it comes to unions with fashion than when the Sydney Kings and Running Romeo are involved. There were the beautiful people sashaying down the purple carpet towards the night parrot room where they sipped pina-coladas and mingled with athletes.

Packed to capacity my eyes followed the trays of delicious food and cocktails circulate around host Natasha Belling, Tim-o-matic, Cossima Devito, Casey Donovan and Miracle. A giant game of staring upwards at Sydney Kings players and bopping around to the awesome music, it was a fantastic night! In geeky homage I wore my one purple dress almost getting lost in the purple carpet in the process.

 [What about tonight - X factor]
[of Beauty & the Geek Aus fame ]

Thank you so much hard working Running Romeo PR crew for the awesome night, video and pics. Thanks to Maggie for the outfit shots. Now I leave your for a weird game of  where's pixel? Can you find me in this video look uber awkward? 

 ♥ pixelhazard
did good no?


Francesca said...

could you be any more gorgeous? xx

Adam said...

you look fabulous

MOSAMUSE said...

u look great! nice lip color!

Aleksandra said...

The collar looks amazing !

Miss Dre said...

I love your look here and your impeccable ability to weave a beautiful story. Why do people just assume you'll love sports just because you're tall anyways? ;-)

Beautiful look, darling. And I'm loving your collar! Very statement-making!

Caitie Schlisserman said...

What a FAB necklace!


Mica said...

Your dress looks beautiful! Love the colour! :)

norafinds said...

oh gosh you look beautiful wow wow wow! love love love! this has to be my fave look of yours!


Svetlana said...

That is the most amazing collar. Are you sure that is from Lovisa? I can't find it anywhere!!