Monday, October 29, 2012


Dear Internets,

An apt description of the trend that swept the universe or so it seemed. Space prints have always been an elusive joy for me but since they have been lovingly adopted by the world, I almost want to throw a hipster tantrum and rebel. It's almost like Burberry's fatal attraction with UK chavs, when all of a sudden this expensive luxe brand started looked know different but was cheap by association.

[Frilly Socks - Topshop, similar here  | Gold Creepers - Asos]

I feel like nebula leggings have received the bogan welcome in Australia in the form of people wearing them as pants with an undersized crop top while smoking a cigarette out the front of a Westfield shopping center side exit. While I'm sure it's a beautiful picture I've painted in your mind, probably not one I want to stylistically align myself to.

[ Lippy - Ruby Woo by MAC | Rose gold chronographic boyfriend watch - ASOS, similar here | Little Liars black liquid leggins - The Old Scholar

Fortunately for me Sydney based label Evil Twin came out a skater dress in a gorgeous velvet that has so far not been ruined. Their special brand of grungy, punk skater style is to the extreme of main stream, like garlic to a vampire. Enough to keep me interested and going back for more. While for Australians, Market HQ might be your best bet, you International kids can enjoy Evil Twin on Asos. In fact, if the 'outer limits' velvet skater dress captured you like it did me, shop it right here.

Pairing one favorite Australian brand with others just makes sense and that's why my Limedrop necklace was a no brainer. Limedrop is the brainchild of designers Clea Garrick and Nathan Price who from their output, take their work seriously, without letting go of their playful nature. I've had the pleasure of meeting them at markets and my sister & I immediate bought far too much of their jewellery  They've officially entered into the world of clothing which I've managed to show you a little of over here while visiting Mother & Father but I am so looking forward to seeing more of it. Let's hope I can keep my wallet to myself this time huh? If you haven't heard of them, definitely check them out, especially my fave and original loves here.

[Chunk Style Ring - Bubblegum Deluxe | Deer ring - Diva | Arty Ring - similar here ]

And since all good things come in 3's, I had to add my 'suck it' ring custom made at an awesome price point by Bubblegum Deluxe. Fun and delicious, these sprinkle resin rings are so cute and while I was taken by the Chunk Style 'yum' ring, I just wanted something a little special and naughty. For lovers of cute, I know you'll find something delicious to wear when you drop by.

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Jacquii Lie said...

Your last picture could not be more awesome. Love the Little Liars leggings....the lame fan girl in me loves the TV show Pretty Little Liars and it makes me want to buy them even more! haha. Loving the pop art rings and platform shoes as well.

Couture Caddy x

Adam said...

looks awesome

MOSAMUSE said...

ur necklace is great! love ur style

Lysa said...

Like your dress!!! Fabulous!!!

kim bim said...

i love ur look especially your necklace and rings!!!

The Mind's Clothes said...

I love your ring, your necklace and your dress ! Amazing;)

Stacy said...

This lip colour is soooo cool!

ASparklyHanger said...

cool accesories!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Your style is so awesome. I seriously want your rings! :)

Julia said...

You have painted quite an accurate picture of the 'nebula' leggings that have been sweeping across...well...everywhere! lol, regardless you look amazing. I just started to follow your blog too! yay so much happy in one comment.

Caitie Schlisserman said...

love the jewels!


livlovelaugh said...

Hi gorgeous!


ELISA said...

Nice blog u have!
Would u like to follow each other?
Just follow me on GFC and leave me a comment when u are done so I can follow u back!

fab said...

so cool!

Sin12012 said...

Ow , Sorry . But I think my sushi t-shirt is awesome !
The next time I use , I write "shocking images" . Ahah !

DAMN ! I want your necklace ! *-*

xo ,
Ana Catalarrana

Angela said...

like your rings!!
great shoes!!

Angela Donava

Erin Edwards said...

Love your edgy, fun style!


Aleksandra said...

Love the necklace !

Anonymous said...

beautiful dress!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE the funny necklace!
such a cute blog, love it

Mira said...

That outfit rocks!!! Love the dress <3


Anna is Bambi said...

ooooh, you are georgous <3 I love your style - you are so unique and inspiring. And you are kind of artistic soul. <3 I'm not only following your blog but I'm also your big fan <3

Emm said...



Anonymous said...

beautiful asos on you dear...always adoring glitter!
you looks so fabulous ;)


Put your heels up said...

Such a cool outfit !!
I really like your rings

Put your heels up

Kylie Burrowes said...

I love your style! I know what you mean about having a mini tantrum when your favorite things become 'hip' and 'mainstream'. Your dress is amazing! In a sea of galaxy prints, I haven't seen anything nearly this cute. You have figured out the perfect way to wear a trend but still make it totally unique. Nice job! That's not an easy thing to do. Okay, new follower here! Sorry for the mini rant :)

Hello Naka said...

i love your dress! aand UK chavs make me sad :< i havent been home since sept but my dad something's arrived for me just after i left home. I cant ait to open it ^^ Thanks again, i'll be sure to carry on the pay it forward :)

Jessica said...

I'm in love with that dress you look so edgy I just love this outfit!!!

I follow can you follow back?

Tiffany said...

Loving the galaxy print! Thanks for dropping by :)

Tiffany xx

Caitie Schlisserman said...

love the jewelry!


Jennifer said...

Your dinosaur necklace is amazing!

xo Jennifer

Two Happy Hearts said...

That necklace!! So darn cute.

Caro * said...

Great style, your dress is amazing and your Bambi bag is so cute :)