Thursday, November 29, 2012


Dear Internets,

Normally it's all high heels, band aids and blisters but last week we gave our feet a rest for the Adidas united presentation. The two divisions, Sports Performance and Adidas Originals came together and down the very attractive catwalk in forty amazing looks.

We were most excited to take a closer look at the collaborative designer collections including Adidas by Stella McCartney, Adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott and Adidas Originals by Kazuki. Partly because they are always completely amazing, partly because they run off the racks & I can never get my hands on them fast enough.

After sufficient time spent sipping our delicious Boost juice breakfast while mind shopping, we resolved to shop everything for real and slipped back stage. What we found was like a scene from the most terrifyingly glamorous unisex gym change room. To compliment everyone's athletic build, Jon Pulitano for Redken created the perfect wet-look hair paired with dewy minimal make up by Natasha Severino for M.A.C.

The perfect look for this sporty brand was given a little renowned edge with electric blue mascara, which seems to be trending at the moment. Eventually drawing our gaze back to the clothes and shoes, I caught the glint of Metallica foil clothing, winged shoes and a perfect frilled tartan tracksuit. Why is it I never look that good in a track suit?

All snaps property of Bright Green Laces except for this one above from Little Hero
So thrilled with what we saw, we're going to the Adidas store today to shop the current season. A big thank you to NAC media group for inviting us to give you guys the back stage scoop and Little Hero PR for the information. We'll be bringing all our favorite snaps from the runway soon so keep those eyes peeled. You won't want to miss it!

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Rhea Dillon said...

That looks like such a cool event!


Lysa said...

awesome pics


Style -Drum is Jackie said...

I love the cube ring!

Amazing photos.

t said...

Cool look behind the scenes!