Sunday, November 4, 2012


Dear Internets,

In a time where internet shopping prevails, we've almost forgot about the boutique experience where purchases come wrapped in tissue paper and glossy paper bags, diligently folded and put away when you get home. While we get all the glory of department stores online,Olivia Howard saw the missing luxurious experience the rest of us had forgotten.

[Olivia picture wearing Carly Hunter wide leg jumpsuit, standing beside stock]

A concept born of friendship, luxury and diversity in taste, Olivia is the life blood (and work-a-holic) behind Olive & Finn. Easy to navigate, minimalist and clean, the online boutique Olive & Finn launched in August and now houses a collection of amazing local & designer labels. Some we've loved forever like Amore & Sorvette ( here) or Batson (here) and others we fell for like Virr, Kahlo & Dress Up

[ Tiaa Two Ring Set - Estelle Deve]

Each season Olivia carefully produces a campaign shoot of the myriad clothing, outerwear, swimwear and accessories on offer making styling as a customer ever more effortless. All the work is done for you, the biggest challenge is picking what you love the most.

With a more holistic and artistic approach to your purchase, the inclusion of label information and a lovely linen bag to keep your precious goods safe is icing on this delicious shopping cupcake. The best bit is, it's all sorted before you've had your first coffee in the morning and in the comfort of your PJs.

[Olivia holding Habitat pants - Ellison | Turquoise & Grey Quarts Cami - Ellison ]

[Olivia holding the printed maxi dress by Carly Hunter]

[Small Bib Necklace - Solis Jewellery ]

[ Left to Right : 5 triangles on a chord by GoodlyGOLD, | Beaded Necklace - Seb Brown ] 

A huge thank you to The PR Dept for the introductions and to the lovely Olivia for the walk through Olive & Finn. The non-metaphorical iced cupcakes were almost as delicious as all the beautiful designer wears. I can't wait to see what is in store for next season with Olive & Finn.

♥ pixelhazard
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Adam said...


Caro * said...

Beautiful post :)

Hello Naka said...

i love shopping in boutiques, but its so much more easier to shop onllime and cheaper, but i guess i miss the human touch :) I go home on Tuesdy so I can open my package then :DD

Jackie -Style -Drum said...

Amazing pieces!

kim bim said...

that ring and necklace is whao!!! i wanna buy.

Mary said...

Ahh how fantastic! I'll definitely be checking out Olive & Finn now - and it looks like they stock some pretty fantastic brands too x

Hanna & Christel said...

looks great, amazing items!


Lilly Rocket said...

amazing pictures! i love the long dress and the flower pants!

bonnie + kleid

Livia said...

great post! the ring looks so cool <33


Caitie Schlisserman said...

so many fun treasures!


Tiffany said...

Loving Olive & Finn, and your writing is swell!

Tiff xx