Saturday, November 24, 2012


Dear Internets,

"Cheers to the freakin weekend
I drink to that, yeah yeah"

[Shades - MinkPink | Necklace - Sportsgirl | Backpack - Pulp Kitchen | Shorts - Motel Rocks | Boots - Betts | Jacket - Target]

All things in moderation. Enjoying a summer festival & a cool drink with friends in the glorious daylight savings light is always a great way to end the day. We've got our summer casual gear sorted out with outfit posts coming soon but how about those aperitifs?

Oliver Stuart

I've got a new favorite, introduced to me by Frangelico brand ambassador Oliver Stuart. It's pretty simple and with less fat content than a vodka lime soda, Oliver sure knew the way to a fashion bloggers heart. While we mixed up several different perfect for summer parties you can't go past the classic Frangelico lime and soda.
The heady scent of Palm Beach candles, hazlenut & vanilla could make a nice perfume don't you think?

Apparently the trick is to load up the glass full of ice, 45ml of Frangelico and 2 lime wedges (a must) topped off with soda water. While I'd always assumed this sweet refreshing concoction was going to be terrible, I think it'll soon be my go to beverage that you sip all night between constant chatter.

With bloggers Hui from DailyAddict & Maggie from La Petite Mademoiselle. Images courtesy of Simon food Favourites & Trish Nicol 

You know what they say, If you don't tweet it, or instagram it, it never happen. We take our work very seriously. Alivin Quah, Masterchef Australia contestant was convinced we were talking to each other.

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weekend tipple time!


Adam said...

have a good weekend

Jackie -Style -Drum said...

Great photos.

MOSAMUSE said...

nice photos! i wish it was the summer... freezing over here!

Mik said...

looks like so much fun! Love the last pic with three of you on your phones :)


Lysa said...

so nice photos!!