Thursday, November 22, 2012


Dear Internets,

These days on the streets if you happen to encounter a teenager you will notice one of a few things: many of them seem to den similar items of clothing in a various array of colours, they now wear what could be considered the 'bare minimum' of clothing, and it's getting somewhat harder to tell them all apart.

Wildfox's Spring 2013 campaign 'We're the Kids in America,' draws on inspiration from Amy Heckerling's 1995 film 'Clueless' and shows us that it is possible to set yourself apart while simultaneously staying comfortable and on trend. "We wanted to change the current look that was on the street and show teens how to have fun with clothes." The cute pastels mixed in with skeleton jumpers and number plate shirts are pieces that make it  simple to dress up your wardrobe while also channelling the teenager inside us all.

Being a teenager who was born in the '90s, I myself love this campaign. It reminds me of the grungey elements of the decade mixed in with the wardrobes of the American upper class, high school socialites depicted in Clueless. Wildfox have cleverly married these concepts and accompanied them with a modern twist to keep the collection fresh and new.

If you've completely fallen in love with the collection and you'd like to see more, you can find them here. So remember - dress to impress because you don't have to be young to have fun.

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Jackie -Style -Drum said...

I am beyond obsessed with this. This has the true feeling of what fashion should be and the writing I could read for days.

Keep this going please!

Adam said...

cute styles

Lysa said...

awesome looks))


kim bim said...

beautiful!!! must confess

MOSAMUSE said...

love these photos!! big clueless fan