Thursday, December 20, 2012


Hello world!

It's me, Lee! I used to have a blog, but it vanished into the ether some months ago and I haven't got around to making it reappear. This makes for awkward conversation when I'm at a 'do and people ask me, "so where are you from?" and I have to explain how I used to have a blog and now it's gone and it might come back some day but i don't know when, before retreating to the corner with my drink and contemplating my sad existence of being a BLOGGER WITHOUT A BLOG.
... for those that are curious about what I actually did blog about, it was mostly my travels, purchases and video games I played.

This is me, outside! On the occasions where I leave the house and am not at work, this is my general getup. I pretty much live in leggings, tshirts, and FLAT SHOES. I generally dress for comfort over style and tend not to follow any particular trend. My favourite label is ksubi as I feel the clothes match my more relaxed, slightly grungy style and laissez-faire attitude. Bright colours aren't really my thing and I tend to be pretty lazy with accessorising (and putting makeup on, as the above picture demonstrates ... but that's why sunglasses exist, amirite?).

LET'S BREAK IT DOWN NOW: Tshirt: ksubi.
Leggings: Blackmilk.
Blazer: August Street.
Boots: Dr Martens.
Sunglasses: ksubi.
Bag: from army surplus store.
Bracelets: handmade, bangle from Dinosaur Designs.
Ring: gift from my mum that she brought back from the mountains in France.
Since I am blogless right now, and if you want to keep up to date on my SUPER INTERESTING life in the interim, you can catch me spreading my Internet germs at these following places:
Twitter: @tsardust
Instagram: @poloniumblonde
Raptr: @poloniumblonde

♥ Lee!


bon. said...

your writing is actually quite hilarious :) looking forward to more quest posts from you!


Lilly Rocket said...

i am in love with these leggings! they are just great! <3

kissboombang, lilly.
Bonnie + Kleid

Nike Onile said...

Loving the looks Lady :)

Nike O.