Saturday, December 1, 2012


Dear Internets,

[Top - St Frock finish line bustier in racing yellow | Pants - Similar here ]
Sharing secrets is sort of what we do here. You know that awesome place down the road you can always count on to yield something perfect and just in your size? Well like the idiots we are, we find those places and then tell you about them, so on our next shopping trip, the perfect pieces are all gone and none of whats left is in my size. Lunacy perhaps but I've been told in an irritating tone that "sharing is caring" so frequently, it seems to be etched on my brain.

[ Print Dress - Similar here ]
Recently we shared our love for St Frock and their relaunch in a post over here. Since then you guys have gone nuts over it, shopping not only in store but online as well. It's always nice for our secrets to be so well received. With christmas and summer around the corner, they have a sale on, so what better time to share some of my favorite looks from St Frock.

[ Playsuit - similar here ]
Pants, tops, play-suits and dresses. These three looks are perfect for the crazy heat way we have coming up, and if you are currently freezing your butts off in the northern hemisphere, why not get yourself a piece of summer to secretly wear under all those layers of wool? The best part is, Sandradee & Caitlin of St Frock are so much fun to visit. Special thanks to Chris of for inviting me over to take some snaps

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Mona-Lena said...

Yeah! I love those pics!

Adam said...

nice pictures

Lilly Rocket said...

i love the pink pants and the shoes on the first pic! stunning!

kissboombang, lilly.
Bonnie + Kleid


those first bright pants are so fabulous!

Kelly Ann said...

Amazing photos!

Sparkles and Shoes

The Mind's Clothes said...

Nice photo !

Erin Edwards said...

You have some great looks here! Strong post. I'm your newest follower on both GFC. Hope you'll do the same.


Caitie Schlisserman said...

mildly obsessed with that second dress- so stinkin cute!


Anonymous said...

love the first and third outfit :)

kim bim said...

oh my days, thes pictures are killing!!! first picture is awesome.

Caro * said...

Very nice pictures with beautiful styles :)