Monday, January 7, 2013


Dear Internets,

As part of Bright Green Laces’ holiday posts I've been invited to introduce myself to all of her readers. My name is Nora and I’m a vintage fashion blogger at NoraFinds. As the name suggests, I find things (mostly vintage goodies) and share them on the blog. I started the blog over a year ago as a general personal style blog, but then upon the constant pressure of keeping up with the trends, I ended up finding my real passions - vintage and thrifting. I love knowing that I will always look different from the others and will never have to worry about brands and price tags. It has also taught me more about fashion history, and even encouraged me to learn how to sew. Here I’m wearing my own handmade dress, based on a 1960s sewing pattern and using a typical 1950s gingham fabric. 

My brooch is genuine vintage - I find wearing vintage jewelry the easiest way to incorporate vintage into your wardrobe. My scarf (worn on head) is also vintage, and if you follow my blog you'd know how much I'm addicted to headscarves. It really is the easiest and greatest way to accessorize my pixie hair :)

♥ Nora


Fashionobsession-mieni said...

She looks really great and I love her outfit! Especially the combination of the polka dot and the plaid pattern!! Inspiring!

Hope you visit me on my blog

wholesale clothing said...

cute lady