Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Dear Internets,

My name is Margaret Ye and I’m the editor and boutique owner over at La Petite Mademoiselle and today I will be writing about my summer wardrobe that are representative of my range of style. I somehow manage to mash together a heavy metal rock chick style with a feminine, almost corporate, style. So here is my summer style!

Look One: 

[Lovisa Aqua Necklace/ La Petite Mademoiselle Vintage shirt & clutch / Sportsgirl Black Skirt ]

I found this spectacular geometric vintage shirt in a pile of my mother’s 90s clothing in the attic during a boredom raid of the house. It’s a bit big on me so I decided to try the whole ‘tie it at the waist’ look to really emulate the feel of the 90s. Because the shirt was so colourful itself it worked perfectly with the aqua necklace from Lovisa and the vintage clutch that was initially for my store, but I’ve decided to keep for myself, at least temporarily…
This look hints at my love for vintage pieces 

Look Two:

Vintage Necklace / Retro Star Singlet & Bracet / Billabong Shorts

This was one of my favorite looks during my Christmas trip to Melbourne last year. I went down with my friend who introduced me to Retro Star where she bought this Beatles singlet from. I raided what my friend brought down to Melbourne with her and “borrowed” this singlet from her, which she has subsequently gifted to me  This look really oozes me rockier side especially with the band top and red lippy!

Look Three:

Alice in the Eve Dress from General Pants (worn as top)/ Her Pony Skirt

This was the look that took me from 2011 to 2012. I absolutely love the simplicity but chic-ness of this look, which demonstrates my girlier side. I bought this cute peach skirt while scouring out the stores on Gertrude St in Melbourne and has since been one of my favourite skirts – I wore this at least twice a week through the summer! The lace top worn as a dress has also had its fair share of wear. It’s the perfect little black lace dress because it’s short enough to be worn as a top, but can also be dressed up with my rock side with a pair of Doc Martens or my feminine side with a pair of heels.

Look Four:

[Bright Green Laces Floral Crown / Casper & Pearl Floral Bustier / La Petite Mademoiselle ‘Amelie’ Skirt]
It took me a while to tack onto the floral trend this season, but once I had a taste for it I was all in – as this look clearly demonstrates. This gorgeous floral crown was made by the maker of this blog, Bright Green Laces. When I bought the bustier I knew that this crown was going to be a match made in heaven with it, and I was right! I threw it together with my favorite skirt from my boutique’s SS11 range and magic was made ?

Look Five:

[Market HQ Crop Top / Motel Rocks Skirt from Market HQ/ Territory Roc Boots ]

Although I didn't wear this look during summer, it’s the perfect summer combination – crop top and floral skirt. This is once again my edgier side, which seems to be synonymous with red lippy. Crop tops and floral skirts are all the rage this season so I decided to pair them together, which worked perfectly. It took me a while to find the perfect floral skirt as I didn't like the small floral print so when I spotted this fabulous rose print skirt on Market HQ I knew it was meant to be!

 ♥ la petite mademoiselle
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Kells said...

Happy New Year! Stunning post! I love these looks! I like 2 and 5 best! Thank you so much for visiting my blog, I hope you enjoyed visiting it as much as I enjoyed visiting yours! And I agree, the laptop and the balenciagas are two that I need the most lol! <3

Sneakypeek said...

Go Magz! That flower crown look is my fave x