Monday, January 14, 2013


Dear Internets,

Denim rose embroidered thirts, cut off shorts and sparkly jellies long dotted my childhood but never had I thought they'd make a reminiscent resurgence? The stiletto wearers amongst you might question my sanity and probably scoffed when I gave the clear pair a trial run over here. Take a seat then because since then I got a blak pair an pink from their newest neon range.

They are my go to shoes for a quick errand out of the house and sheer perfection for the current climate and beach holidaying. 3 pairs i'm certain is evidence enough but I must admit, I may fall prey to the sparkly pair that has just come out. At $30 a pop and made unisex for kids and adults my 4 year old nephew has already remarked that he likes mine and wants his own pair in "tranformer bumble bee yellow". Looks like I might have some hand in his own jelly sandals memories so why not extent that to you too. Here are some of the behind the scenes pics from their latest campaign shoot for Jelly beans footwear

Time to give those arches a break girls and boys.Get your jellies on!

♥ pixelhazard
thinks it's peanut butter jelly time