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About me: I'm PixelHazard, fashion blogger, Sydney, Australia. A fashion blogger in her 20's. If I was a garment I'd be fluro and have a "made in india" sticker on me. With a tall frame & squishy width, I love to cook for friends, gold eyelids, DIY, fashion and will tell you so against a backdrop of sarcastic humour & an east coast Australian climate. I have been in the expanding universe of the Blogosphere for years but never outwardly. As of April 2012, brightgreenlaces.com became something for the world. We hope you like us :)
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[Sarahteaa]: little sister, cheese fanatic. On a mission to build the most perfect wardrobe of clothes, fantastically long luxurious dip dyed hair
[Manji]: Work mate. Not so Imaginary homemaker. Chocolate fiend
[Mr Mo]: Husband.Adventurer.Commerce nerd. Straight & Narrow.
[Tsardust]: Chef, rare ingredient finder, seamstress, sister in unique wearables
[Sam]: Maid of honour. Ribs buddy. Mysteriously & constantly MIA


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